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richelle-CuthbertsonRichelle Cuthbertson is an experienced legal and contracts specialist. Prior to commencing Complete Contract Solutions Richelle gained significant experience working as both an in-house lawyer specialising in major oil and gas construction projects and also as a private practice lawyer specialising in commercial, insurance and construction disputes.

Most recently Richelle was General Counsel and also General Manager of Contracts, Supply Chain, Insurance and Risk with SapuraKencana Australia. During her time at SapuraKencana Australia, Richelle was fully responsible for all legal, commercial, risk, insurance and supply chain matters involving various oil and gas construction projects both in Australia and overseas worth in excess of $500 million.

Prior to this, Richelle was also a Senior Legal Counsel with Clough Limited where she advised on various construction, commercial and corporate legal matters including litigation, arbitration and adjudication.

Before moving in-house with Clough, Richelle worked as a solicitor with both Sparke Helmore and Jackson McDonald for a number of years where she specialised in commercial, property and insurance disputes.

Richelle has extensive experience in construction, commercial, property and insurance matters including all types of disputes. She has considerable knowledge of all forms of commercial contracting strategies and she has a very practical approach to resolving matters with minimal time, cost and fuss.

Richelle strongly believes that clients need accurate, timely, cost effective and practical legal advice without all the unnecessary legal jargon and the squadrons of lawyers. This is why Richelle started Complete Contract Solutions as she understands how frustrating it is to receive excessive legal bills from law firms who really don’t understand your business needs or your commercial drivers.

Instead of creating just another law firm, Complete Contract Solutions is run more like a consulting practice as opposed to a traditional law firm. Complete Contract Solutions do not have a fancy shiny office in the CBD nor do we have teams of junior lawyers or paralegals all wanting to charge you lots of money for very little value. Instead, we have one very experienced and extremely practical lawyer who understands how various businesses work and who can provide you with exactly what your business needs without charging you a fortune.